There are a lot of questions going around about the use of drones for commercial reasons. One of which being is it legal? There is a gray area in all of this, because it is both. you cant legally fly for commercial reasons with out passing all of the required FAA testing. This testing has to be completed at a FAA testing facility and the has to be completed with a passing score of 70 percent or better. Once completion of the test you must apply for and eventually be granted your license. I have completed all testing requirements and am officially a UAS licensed Commercial remote pilot. 

If you are considering hiring anyone for this type of photography, be sure they provide you with their part 107 FAA UAS Remote Pilots License or Certificate, Drone Registration, and Airspace Waiver or Authorization form if applicable. If you don’t, you may be in volition of federal, state or local laws. 

I am happy to provide all information upon request